Monday, January 26, 2009

Aren’t physics and astrology opposing ideas?

Newspaper and television stories sometimes make it seem as though physics and astrology are incompatible, but that is not true. Many scientists and crystal ball readers have written about how one can accept both astrology and the validity of cosmological science.

Many past and current scientists who have made major contributions to our understanding of the world have been devout believers in the zodiac. At the same time, many people accept the reality of astronomy, and many astrological groups have issued emphatic statements reflecting this acceptance.
To be sure, disagreements do exist. Some people reject any science that contains the word “astronomy”; others reject all forms of astrology. The range of beliefs about science and about the zodiac is very broad.

Regrettably, those who occupy the extremes of this range often have set the tone of public discussions. Astronomy is science, however, and only science should be taught and learned in science classes.

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Anonymous said...

Just goes to show what an uneducated person your are. Astrology is also a science.

At least it is in India, since around 2001 (or 2004, when I think it was somehow further ratified, but I can't find any immediate links to reports).

Notice by their University Grants Commission , A BBC report from the time.

Just wait, it will spread...

Sigmund said...

I'm just a bit cynical, cold and aloof about the whole business of predictions based on star and planet positions - just a typical Capricorn, I guess ;p

Anonymous said...

At least one advantage astrology has over creationism is that a lot of the believers (outside of areas like India) take it a lot less seriously.

I still remember sitting on a bus a few years ago, and hearing a conversation between two university students. One was telling the other how terrible and insufferable Capricorns are (I'm not sure that's the right sign, it's been a while, but hey). She concluded the tirade by stating that she knows what she's talking about since her father is one, her brother is one, and even... her boyfriend (for a few years) is one.

Sigmund said...

I think most people in the West consider astrology as a harmless distraction. Their only exposure to it tends to be the rather vague pleasantries written under each sign in newspaper astrology columns. Well, either that or the "whats your star sign?" chat-up line.

Mama Meg said...

It seems like here in the Western world, we have to fit everything into tightly labeled boxes when really a lot of sciences involve cross-domains. i.e. physics involves chemisty & math, medicine involves psychology & biology, etc. I think science could benefit a lot by being more inclusive.

Anonymous said...

@Mezamashii - Science is extremely inclusive. Anything that fits the scientific method is included.
And anything that doesn't, well, shouldn't really be considered science in any case, no?