Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hidden Shame of Belle de Jour

Friends and family of "high class call girl" Belle de Jour were today said to be reeling at the stunning revelation that the notorious blogger has been leading a secret life as a post doctoral cancer researcher.
"Quite frankly I'm shocked", revealed one source, on conditions of anonymity.
"Hasn't she thought of what this will do to her career?"
"It's all very well dreaming of this sort of irresponsible lifestyle - after all, which one of us, in our wildest fantasies, have never imagined discovering an epidemiological link that explains 16% of the risk of prostate cancer, for instance, or working out which small molecular inhibitor of a specific tyrosine kinase functions as an effective treatment for lymphoma"
"Belle really needs to come to her senses and end this self-destructive behavior that has led her into the 'scientific research' lifestyle and devote herself to developing a more financially viable career, more caring and appreciative employers and a greater stability of employment - such as prostitution"
Family sources admit they should have noticed the signs that were there all along.
"I once heard her mention that she was interested in trying for a tenure track position. I naturally assumed that this was just another unspeakably kinky sex act that a rich client wanted to pay oodles of money for. It's only now that I've looked it up on the internet and finally realized the full horror of what she meant. I think I'm going to be sick, excuse me......"

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