Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Inter-Faith Rag

First you claim you're in the middle,
The safe option is not a riddle,
There's a prize that must be won,
Templeton, Templeton, Templeton!

You might think that all religion,
Reminds you of Skinner's pigeon,
Still, it doesn't matter,
Your bank account gets fatter,
Doin' the Inter-Faith Rag.

To put down faith is not our thing,
Don't diss the the pope, just kiss his ring!
About Islam, please stop your moaning,
(And for heaven's sake, don't bring up stoning!)
It's a tragedy, shakespearean,
To not hug a Presbyterian,
You. Have. Just. Found,
The ecumenical reach-around!

Time for some new atheist hunting,
With Stedman, Mooney, Brown and Bunting.
Rosenau, I do expect,
And Jenny Hecht, Jenny Hecht, Jenny Hecht!

Just call Dawkins fundamental,
You'll get the call from HuffPo central.
Time for some gnu hatin'
Arianna's waitin'
No need for apology,
Just use theology,
Doin' the Inter-Faith Rag.

As inspired by the great Tom Lehrer

Ricky Gervais - The Problem of Free Will