Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pope Benedict 'Hitler Youth' Accusation is 'mistaken'

New photographic evidence has come to light contradicting earlier accusations that Pope Benedict, formerly Joseph Ratzinger, was formerly a member of 'Hitler Youth'.
"It's all been an innocent mistake" stated Vatican youth spokesman Father Al Fish.
"He was actually a member of both Musical Youth and Sonic Youth. Quite frankly we're shocked the media never realized this before."

Sunday, December 21, 2008

If the placard fits.....

Hold your friends close, but your enemies closer still.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Catholic League turning Japanese? (they really think so!)

Sources close to the leadership of the Catholic League indicate that todays unexpected copyright infringment lawsuit, filed by Nippon Animations Ltd, is being taken seriously at the highest level within the organization.
“Quite frankly we’re shocked” admitted our source.

Schuster and Grubb, US based lawyers for the Japanese media giant have meanwhile issued a strongly worded statement to the media.

“Copyright infringement is a serious matter for all media companies whose business model involves the development of original products and Nippon Animations Ltd are no different. Our product image is of utmost importance to us and we will protect such intellectual properties to the full extent of the law.

The copyrighted character ‘Anpanman’ has been the most popular animated feature on Japanese TV for over three decades. He is beloved of all Japanese children and has featured in over 20 movies, hundreds of TV episodes and over 50 million copies of Anpanman books have been sold to date.

Recently it has come to our notice that Anpanman’s physical features and behaviour bears a striking resemblance to that of a character produced by the ‘Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights’, a US based media conglomerate.

Their character, ‘Bill O’Donohue’, like Anpanman, sports an outsized almost spherical head, a round button nose, unnaturally puffy cheeks and an extremely limited range of facial expressions.
If these were the only similarities then perhaps a claim of innocent coincidence might suffice yet the evidence suggests otherwise.

Anpanman is frequently involved in battles with fictional cartoon foes that seek to end his way of life.
Just like ‘Bill O’Donohue’.

Anpanman’s best friend, ‘Shokupanman’, has a head made from a loaf of Bread.
‘Bill O’Donohue’ is close friends with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.

Anpanman, facing a threat, has only two ways to deal with the situation – the An-punch and the An-kick.
‘Bill O’Donohue’, similarly, is never in danger of resorting to calm rational approaches to settling an argument.

Perhaps most strikingly we note that Anpanmans habit of offering pieces of his head, which is made from bread, to hungry friends is remarkably similar to Bill’s recently publicised cause celebre.

During that incident ‘Bill O’Donohue’ sought to protect 'the dignity' of pieces of bread destined for hungry Catholics in church – ‘termed the eurcharist’ – claiming these were, in fact, sourced from the physical body of one of Bills friends, a Mr Jesus Christ (a character not dissimilar to Anpanman’s maker ‘Jam Ojisan’).

Despite repeated warnings from us to cease and desist such blatant copyright infringement we note, sadly, that the Catholic League has continued to use their Anpanman clone at every available opportunity.
It is with extreme reluctance that we finally resort to legal means to enforce our legal claims to this character.”

An official response from the Catholic League is expected in turn.

Francis Collins suffers crisis of faith on new hiking trip

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War of the Worlds - Original Orson Welles sound recording

It's the 70th anniversary of this classic piece of science fiction history, Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre company performing HG Wells' 'War of the Worlds'.
One for the iPod.

Original Mercury Theatre recording, October 30th 1938

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I wish I'd thought of that

A nice take on the SAW V movie poster.
From Alec1980 on reddit

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Palin criticised for her choice of running mate

In an unexpected turn of events today Sarah Palin came in for heavy criticism from a major religious right organization for her choice of John McCain as running mate for the 2008 presidential race.
“Quite frankly we’re shocked” said Oral Dobson, president of ‘Focus on Everyone Elses Family’.
“While Mrs Palin herself embodies the sort of person we can trust at the reins of government, we are worried by her choice of ultra-liberal Senator John McCain”
“We have recently learned that Senator McCain is in favor of many of the Godless policies uppermost in the mind of all right thinking Americans, namely allowing stem cell research, legalizing homosexuality, and enabling teenage rape victims to terminate the resulting pregnancy.”
“We have also realized that, just as a vote for Obama is a vote for a Muslim in the Christian Whitehouse – due to his biological father being born into that Satanic faith, a vote for McCain isn’t really much of an improvement. His daughter, Bridget McCain, was adopted from Bangladesh! Its practically full of them!”
“We call on Mrs Palin to drop Senator McCain from the presidential ticket before it is too late, or failing that, convince Senator McCain to do the Christian thing and send Bridget home.”

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New McCain spokesman decries liberal media bias

Proof of what?

I got this video from Godtube, an evangelical version of youtube.
It's a good example of how one's worldview can allow you to view things in a different light.
To the Godtube crowd it's a prime example of God working through an individual, expressing His wishes and emotions and connecting with His followers.

To me it's something entirely different.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

‘Lizardman of Pensacola’ in Jailbreak Drama

Prison authorities at the Federal Correctional Institution, Edgefield, South Carolina, today admitted surprise over last nights dramatic breakout by the incarcerated 'creation scientist' Kent Hovind, the notorious ‘Lizardman of Pensacola’. Hovind, in the second year of a ten year sentence for tax fraud, is believed to have broken through both his cell wall and the prison perimeter during the daring escape attempt.

Escape bid caught on traffic camera

Dramatic images of Hovind fleeing in a north-westerly direction, were captured by a traffic camera in downtown Greenville, leading to the FBI issuing an all points bulletin, requesting vigilance from the public.

“We warn the public not to approach Mr Hovind, or his ‘lizard’ should they see them, and would like to request all fruit and nut retailers to report any suspiciously large coconut orders”.

“Frankly, we’re shocked” claimed Edgefield prison warden warden Bob Schultz.
“Mr Hovind always kept to himself. We never suspected a thing.
It’s true we allowed him, like many of the other prisoners, to keep a small pet, in his case a lizard, in his cell, but unfortunately this policy will have to be reviewed if it’s shown to have contributed to the escape”.
Warden Schultz is facing heavy criticism for ignoring Mr Hovind’s claim that the bible explains that lizards are only an early stage of a much larger, coconut eating, animal.
“Yes, yes, we’ve all heard Kents dinosaur theory but seriously, how were we supposed to know it was true!”
Convicted multiple murderer, Kyle Tye, the occupant of the cell opposite Mr Hovinds has accused the prison staff of incompetence for allowing the situation to develop.
“They shouldn’t have let him feed it coconuts”, he explains.
“My God, haven’t they watched Hovind’s videos?
Tye claims that most of the inmates on Hovinds floor were freely sharing their monthly coconut ration with Hovind.
“It wasn’t exactly friendship, we hoped it would eat him”
Federal authorities suspect Hovind may be heading for the Creation Museum at the Kentucky-Ohio border.
“We need to get him before he reaches there” said one FBI officer who wished to remain anonymous. “With so many nutty wingbats wandering around that place it’s the perfect location for him to hide out. If he manages to get in we'll never find him!”

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Image of Toast appears on Jesus

Officials at the Cathedral of John the Baptist in Turin, Italy, today released a one line statement about the newly discovered feature revealed by the latest shroud analysis.

"Quite frankly we're shocked"

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Palin imposes new condition on financial bailout plan

Sources close to vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin have suggested that she will agree to support the $700 billion dollar emergency financial rescue plan, drawn up by treasury officials in the wake of the Lehman Brothers, AIG and Fannie May, Freddie Mac collapses, but only on one condition.

“Sarah wants the slippers” said our source.
“The money isn’t important, they can write whatever figure they want, just hand over the shoes”.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ooops, he did it again

Who should decide the appropriate curriculum to teach in US classrooms?

Panels of educational experts for each subject in question?

School Boards?


The DI has, perhaps, another suggestion.

Casey Luskin, the brains behind ‘ID The Future’, the hilarious comedy podcast from the Dishonesty Institute, revealed the answer as he yet again strayed from their official public line of not at all being creationists.

On this occasion, during the 12th of September episode, he was interviewing Rodney Levake, a teacher from Minnesota who was transferred away from teaching biology because he had doubts about Darwinism “inside of his head” - according to Casey (although technically speaking this is probably the ideal place to have doubts, they’re really not much use inside your pancreas).

Mr Levake sued his school district for "breach of due process, freedom of speech, academic freedom issues."

The school district filing for a summary judgment, resulting in the judge dismissing the case, although not without almost sending poor Casey into an apoplectic fit by including one particular sentence in his written explanation.

Plaintive in the instant case has no constitutional right to teach his proposed criticisms of evolutionary theory though they may be scientifically meritorious.”

Casey: “Oh my goodness!  So in other words the school district is God.

They determine what will and will not be taught in the classroom as far as your school district was concerned.” 

Quite right Casey.

Educational curriculum decisions must always be taken by the appropriate authority, namely, God.

Any suggestion of the textbook God would prefer? (King James version perchance?)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sarah Palin Sex Tape Released.

You suck at Photoshop

Yes, I know I do, but I just stumbled on this brilliant youtube series with the same title that I have to share.
Its like a mix of how-to lessons with an Alan Partridge/The Office sensibility from a really talented guy called Danny Hoyle (if that is his real name).
Laugh and learn at the same time.

Friday, September 19, 2008

White House Press Secretary "eaten by wolves"

The White House has just confirmed that partially eaten human remains discovered this morning on the floor of the Oval office are those of missing White House press secretary, Helen Rodkins.
Security chief Dan Shilhoff told gathered reporters "the preliminary autopsy found signs of animal activity, most likely wolves, although these injuries were probably inflicted after death." Shilhoff explained the wolves were scavenge feeding on the body but were frightened away by the arrival of Vice President Cheney.

Asked to speculate about the actual cause of Rodkins death Shilhoff said "we can't be sure, but from the hoofmarks its looking like Helen was just unfortunate and disturbed a female moose guarding her calf".

Shilhoff was, however, able to explain the pellet marks on the face of the unfortunate victim - "That was Cheney. We think he was aiming for the wolves".

President Bush at work yesterday

The news of the incident, already dubbed 'wolfygate', is sure to raise further questions about the recent decision to stock the White House with North American forest wildlife.

While the buildup, over the past two weeks, has gone almost unremarked in press or TV coverage, rumors have been spreading of discontent amongst political staff unused to working alongside the herds of moose and caribou. The arrival of the carnivores, flown to the nations capital on the recently modified Air Force One has, however, precipitated the greatest compaints.

One source, speaking off the record told us "Look, don't get me wrong, I like animals as much as the next man, the trouble is the guy across the hall just had his leg torn off by a grizzly."

Republican party officials have meanwhile released a statement denouncing the letter of condolence to Ms Rodkins family sent by Senator Obama.

"The American public has been shown yet again there is no depth to which Senator Obama will not sink in his doomed attempt to claw his way to the White House.

Where was Senator Obama when Ms Rodkins was cornered in the Oval office by an angry female moose?

Was he there? Or was he addressing a highschool assembly in Cleveland?

And where was Senator Obama when Ms Rodkins lifeless corpse was being torn apart in front of the Presidents desk by a pack of ravenous wolves?

Was he there? Or was he visiting a cancer hospice in Indianapolis?

Senator Obama, by cynically playing politics on this sad occasion, demonstrates to the American public just how unsuitable he is for the current White House.

While the democrats try to distract the public with side issues like the imminent collapse of the economy, the crisis in social security, healthcare and energy and the thousands of needless deaths in Iraq and likelihood of thousands more with the impending plans for an invasion of Iran, we have continually taken the higher ground by raising the tone of the debate and concentrating on the really important questions such as 'Did Obama call Govenor Palin a pig?'

The American electorate deserve a team of ability, experience and integrity. But more than that they need a presidential team that can handle the very real dangers of todays White House, - dangers clearly shown by Ms Rodkins brave sacrifice in the line of duty.

They deserve a team that knows how to deal with an angry grizzly at full charge.

A team that can hold off a pack of wolves until helicopters arrive with backup.

And most importantly a team that can field dress a moose on the White House lawn when the Queen of England attends a Presidential garden party.

The American public will realize that when their phone goes off at 3.00AM telling them that a pack of rabid wolves, in league with a bear and a moose, have broken into their house and are about to feast on their children, there's really only one presidential team, armed with just a semi-automatic hunting rifle, a snowmobile and a fighter plane of napalm, that can save them.
And they will vote accordingly

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The solution to Creationism

OK, a relatively serious post for once.

I frequently hear sob stories of creationist students refusing to accept evolution and disrupting the flow of biology lessons with the usual copy and paste lists of inanity that substitutes for evidence in the creationist mindset.

I'm not impressed.
This doesn't seem to be an insurmountable problem.
Any decent science teacher should be able to use these challenges to his or her advantage to explain the value of the scientific method and all without getting into the specifics of any particular religion.
Even if that seems a little close to the legal edge for some teachers they have a simple solution - biology lessons in high school essentially consist of the consensus knowledge in that particular field. Controversy is a topic for higher levels of learning AFTER the basics of the subject have been taught (in the same way that its silly to teach high school students string theory before they have even grasped Newtonian physics).

No, my point here is that the major danger comes not from creationist students, creationist parents or even creationist school board members.
Even a worst case scenario whereby you, as a biology teacher, are compelled to include creationism (protestant King James version creationism, naturally) in your biology lesson plan it should be little problem to a competent biologist so long as you stick to the truth. All you are going to do is point out how inane and unscientific this belief is compared to actual biology.
In fact the very last thing a creationist parent should want is a competent biologist discussing creationism with their children ("OK class, attention please. We have a Professor Dawkins here today to teach you about Creationism").

The real danger is creationist teachers.

In a recent New Scientist article covering this topic the reporter Bob Holmes discussed the figures from a paper by Michael Berkman of Pennsylvania State University:

"The researchers polled a random sample of nearly 2000 high-school science teachers across the US in 2007. Of the 939 who responded, 2% said they did not cover evolution at all, with the majority spending between 3 and 10 classroom hours on the subject.

However, a quarter of the teachers also reported spending at least some time teaching about creationism or intelligent design. Of these, 48% – about 12.5% of the total survey – said they taught it as a "valid, scientific alternative to Darwinian explanations for the origin of species".

As for the religious convictions of the teachers themselves,

"When Berkman's team asked about the teachers' personal beliefs, about the same number, 16% of the total, said they believed human beings had been created by God within the last 10,000 years."

Is it possible to believe the Earth is 10,000 years old and still teach biology correctly?

Possible? Yes. Probable? Certainly not.

Which brings us back to the tape recorder.

I happen to be a person of faith.
I have faith that there are indeed students who actually want to learn scientific knowledge.
Students who are fascinated by the natural world, the way the cosmos developed and the possibilities for our and its future.
I know they exist because I used to be one!
Maybe you did too or perhaps you are even one now.

And its these pro-science students that we should use.
We are not afraid of creationism.
We are not afraid of intelligent design.
We are simply against bad science teaching which is the actual consequence of the sort of teaching advocated by the creationism/ID movement.
There is only one commandment for Scientists:
Don't lie.

If a student finds their teacher telling lies in class about biology they should expose it.
Record the lies and expose it to the world
Creationist teachers should be made to understand that telling lies will have consequences.
We cannot do this by ourselves as educators, we need the active cooperation of pro-science students but I think its a tactic that should be tried.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Obama scandal - "a new low"

News just in,

A spokesman for the McCain camp described today’s breaking reports about Barack Obama as “a new low in the history of presidential campaigns”.

 Tucker Tompkins, communications officer for the McCain team read from a prepared statement to the gathered news media. “Quite frankly it brings us no pleasure to do this but we are obliged to release the information revealed to us today by an anonymous source - Senator Barack Obama may have fathered two black children”.

“It’s unfortunate that the electorate have to find out about Senator Obama’s ‘secret’ life in this way but, sadly, it reveals so much about the sort of man he is.”

Obama hides his shame

According to sources at Fox News, Obama has yet to deny the charge but he and his wife Michelle, mother of the two girls, are expected to shortly release a joint statement.

“That can only be an act of desperation”, explained Tompkins. “I’m not sure what they can hope to achieve with the electorate with this but its looking increasingly like damage control.  I just hope they don't stoop to using the race card”

While the shocking revelation currently dominates TV election coverage the public reaction has so far been mixed.

“I’m truly disappointed” said Billy-Joe Travers, 73, a retired Imperial Wizard from north Florida.

“He’s just lost my vote. Being black themselves was bad enough, but having black children! That just shows a serious lack of judgement."

Others were more forgiving. “He’s done what? What the #¤&# ! Do you call this news?” exclaimed Sandra Kielston, 26,  a sales assistant from Cleveland, Ohio, before swiftly kneeing our reporter in the groin.

How the latest events will play out in the general voting public remains to be seen.

“This sort of revelation can kill a presidential campaign stone dead", said Tompkins, back at McCain team headquarters- “it certainly did in South Carolina in 2000 - so we reckon it's worth another try.”

Senator McCain, currently visiting the eighth circle to finalize contractual matters, could not be reached for comment. 

New American Gothic

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The First Atheist President of the USA?

About one McCain heartbeat away.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Creation Science finally solves "Unicorn Mystery"

From the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

The bird of life is singing on the bough

His two eternal notes of "I and Thou"--

O! hearken well, for soon the song sings through,

And, would we hear it, we must hear it now.

The bird of life is singing in the sun,

Short is his song, nor only just begun,--

A call, a trill, a rapture, then--so soon!--

A silence, and the song is done--is done.

Yea! what is man that deems himself divine?

Man is a flagon, and his soul the wine;

Man is a reed, his soul the sound therein;

Man is a lantern, and his soul the shine.

Would you be happy! hearken, then, the way:

Heed not To-morrow, heed not Yesterday;

The magic words of life are Here and Now--

O fools, that after some to-morrow stray!

Were I a Sultan, say what greater bliss

Were mine to summon to my side than this,--

Dear gleaming face, far brighter than the moon!

O Love! and this immortalizing kiss.

To all of us the thought of heaven is dear--

Why not be sure of it and make it here?

No doubt there is a heaven yonder too,

But 'tis so far away--and you are near.

Men talk of heaven,--there is no heaven but here;

Men talk of hell,--there is no hell but here;

Men of hereafters talk, and future lives,--

O love, there is no other life--but here.

Gay little moon, that hath not understood!

She claps her hands, and calls the red wine good;

O careless and beloved, if she knew

This wine she fancies is my true heart's blood.

Girl, have you any thought what your eyes mean?

You must have stolen them from some dead queen.

O little empty laughing soul that sings

And dances, tell me--What do your eyes mean?

And all this body of ivory and myrrh,

O guard it with some little love and care;

Know your own wonder, worship it with me,

See how I fall before it deep in prayer.

Nor idle I who speak it, nor profane,

This playful wisdom growing out of pain;

How many midnights whitened into morn

Before the seeker knew he sought in vain.

You want to know the Secret--so did I,

Low in the dust I sought it, and on high

Sought it in awful flight from star to star,

The Sultan's watchman of the starry sky.

Up, up, where Parwin's hoofs stamp heaven's floor,

My soul went knocking at each starry door,

Till on the stilly top of heaven's stair,

Clear-eyed I looked--and laughed--and climbed no more.

Of all my seeking this is all my gain:

No agony of any mortal brain

Shall wrest the secret of the life of man;

The Search has taught me that the Search is vain.

Yet sometimes on a sudden all seems clear--

Hush! hush! my soul, the Secret draweth near;

Make silence ready for the speech divine--

If Heaven should speak, and there be none to hear!

Yea! sometimes on the instant all seems plain,

The simple sun could tell us, or the rain;

The world, caught dreaming with a look of heaven,

Seems on a sudden tip-toe to explain.

Like to a maid who exquisitely turns

A promising face to him who, waiting, burns

In hell to hear her answer--so the world

Tricks all, and hints what no man ever learns.

Look not above, there is no answer there;

Pray not, for no one listens to your prayer;

Near is as near to God as any Far,

And Here is just the same deceit as There.

But here are wine and beautiful young girls,

Be wise and hide your Sorrows in their curls,

Dive as you will in life's mysterious sea,

You shall not bring us any better pearls.

Allah, perchance, the secret word might spell;

If Allah be, He keeps His secret well;

What He hath hidden, who shall hope to find?

Shall God His secret to a maggot tell?

So since with all my passion and my skill,

The world's mysterious meaning mocks me still,

Shall I not piously believe that I

Am kept in darkness by the heavenly will?

How sad to be a woman--not to know

Aught of the glory of this breast of snow,

All unconcerned to comb this mighty hair;

To be a woman and yet never know!

Were I a woman, I would all day long

Sing my own beauty in some holy song,

Bend low before it, hushed and half afraid,

And say "I am a woman" all day long.

The Koran! well, come put me to the test--

Lovely old book in hideous error drest--

Believe me, I can quote the Koran too,

The unbeliever knows his Koran best.

And do you think that unto such as you,

A maggot-minded, starved, fanatic crew,

God gave the Secret, and denied it me?--

Well, well, what matters it! believe that too.

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Wait a second......

You know, I just can't put my finger on it, but I'm sure I've seen her somewhere before.........

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Obama camp in disarray as Jesus endorses McCain

McCain bags the ultimate celebrity endorsement

Democrat sources today spoke of a resounding sense of shock within the camp of Presidential hopeful Barack Obama as the shock announcement from GOP headquarters hit the national airwaves.

"Quite frankly this is the last thing we expected" a visibly shaken aide told us off the record. "We thought they'd round up the usual lot, Arnie, Chuck Norris, that racist Bounty Hunter guy and probably a few wrestlers but you have to hand it to them, they've really pulled it out of the hat with this one."

Republican sources hinted that it was the close friendship of Pat Robertson that swung it for Jesus.

"Pat speaks to Jesus nearly every day, emails him, even sends him books.
He says Jesus is a big fan of several Republican writers, he's got all Ann Coulters books".

While the involvement of a deity in a presidential campaign is unprecedented in recent years, it was a common feature in historical times and critics have already questioned whether other aspects of such involvements will feature in the current campaign.

"We're not going to get another flood are we?" asked Bernie Louman, political editor of the Boston Times, "Its just that I'm planning to book a vacation to Hawaii for December and it'll be a waste of money if he's planning on drowning everyone again."

Early polling of a key swing voting group, the 'don't-knows' is already showing a positive effect for McCains bold move.

"I was considering voting Obama as a possibility, but now I'm not so sure", says Tom Kellington, 35, an accountant from Philadelphia.
"I prefer Obama's policies but, you know, I don't really want to get smited"

"Its not going to have an effect on my decision", claimed Shankar Kapoor, 46, company director from Los Angeles. "I will judge the candidates on their stated policies and .....wait a second....Jesus?..... but I'm Hindu!"

Democrat sources say while the intervention of Jesus looks like it may give McCain an unassailable lead, Obama does have one last hope.

"Our analysists tell us that the Jesus who's endorsing McCain/Palin is more of your modern 'Republican Jesus'. You know the sort, NRA member, hates taxes and homosexuals, wants to shoot abortion clinic workers and drives around in a Hummer with an 'I don't believe in global warming' bumper sticker and a Confederate flag."

"We're hoping people won't confuse him with that other Jesus from the bible, the one who looked after his fellow man, advocated charity and forgiveness and tried to help the sick and poor".

Public warned against accidental Palin release

Native Alaskan Palins in the wild

Officials from the Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife branch, today issued a stern warning to the public over the dangers posed by accidental release of non-native species.

Free from their natural predators these creatures rapidly multiply in numbers, causing devastating consequences to their new environment through sheer weight of numbers.

“We’d like everyone to be extra vigilant in the coming months as we’ve been warned that there is a chance that a family of Alaskan Palins might somehow get loose on the east coast", explained Fred Kite, departmental pest control expert.

Due to low numbers of the Palins only known natural enemy, the polar bear, and free to avail of copious supplies of food stored in pork barrel warehouses throughout the capital, the Palin’s would be able to breed unchecked.

“Palins multiply like rabbits," explained Mr Kite, "although that’s more the fault of the Alaskan school system. They probably need better maths teachers”

“While the initial figure of , say, six or seven doesn’t sound too bad, Palins actually increase exponentially so we are looking at several hundred by next year and a couple of million Palins at the end of four.”

Previous attempts at population control involving wildlife officers throwing handfuls of condoms and birth control pills at the family were abandoned due to the danger of choking the local polar bears. Following last ditch efforts by educational authorities to teach responsible sex education being unfortunately thwarted by the Governor insisting the idea of sexual intercourse causes babies is "simply a theory, not a proven fact - were you there?" most Alaskan natives had resigned themselves to living as best they could alongside their local Palins.

“I can’t believe anyone would release Palins in their own backyard” said Tom Kenmore, the sole surviving Alaskan democrat.

“McCain did what? You are joking, right?”

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Rapture Protection Act Sparks Evangelical Protests

Transport and health officials throughout the nation have warned the public to expect some delays in the coming weeks as the Federal Rapture Protection Act (FRPA) comes into effect.

Federal Aviation spokesman Tom Wesley pointed out that while the new requirements for US registered airlines to ensure all flight crews are ‘rapture compliant’ will necessitate some initial difficulties for airlines, the measures, when fully implemented, will result in huge improvements in passenger safety. As Mr Wesley notes “modern air traffic requires key workers to remain at their posts throughout the flight and only full implementation of the FRPA can ensure this.”

The act mandates airlines to ensure flight crews contain at least one member who will remain at the controls in the event of the rapture. This event, imminently expected by up to 50% of the US public, is expected to result in all ‘rapture ready’ individuals being summoned to heaven, without warning. Those liable for rapture will drop whatever they are doing and immediately fly upwards towards heaven where, following arrival they will reside for eternity with their Lord, Jesus Christ.

Going, going, gone.

Luckily, Mr Wesley notes, “rapture readiness in a pilot, while extremely dangerous for both airline passengers and the public living or working beneath the plane’s flight path, is easily identifiable. Those at high rapture risk are almost exclusively born again Christians who have accepted Jesus into their lives. A simple, multiple point questionnaire asking whether the Earth is less than 10,000 years old, whether dinosaurs lived with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, is the Pope is an agent of Lucifer and finally should all liberal, evolution believing, God-hating communist sodomites expect to burn in hell for eternity, will safely and securely identify those at risk with an accuracy of over 99%.”

In addition to flight crew changes the FRPA will also ensure that other key posts such as air traffic control and refueling crews are also ‘rapture compliant’. “Its better to be safe than sorry” points out Mr Wesley.

Although the FRPA was initially aimed purely at improving air safety, legislators have amended the bill to include many other sectors of the workplace facing similar risks.

The most controversial part of the act, the employment ban of high rapture risk bus or train drivers was only included as part of a compromise that allows born again surgeons or anaesthesiologists to keep working, so long as at least one member of the operating team is a hell bound sinner.

The National Community of Evangelicals, meeting in crisis session, today released a joint statement regarding the imminent implementation of the FRPA.

The NCE deplores the actions of Congress in passing the FRPA, a poorly thought out piece of legislation that is discriminatory in the extreme against honest, God-worshiping Americans. It is certainly true that we teach our flocks the rapture may occur at any moment, however we greatly dispute the implied safety implications of this event on the public infrastructure. While the instantaneous transport of a full flight crew to the arms of Jesus might have important consequences for the remaining passengers, it is far from the nightmarish scenario painted by the supporters of this act. Need we remind congress that at least 25% of these passengers would also be taken up by Jesus? Indeed, over many parts of the nation the total annihilation of entire towns due to an unexpected ‘rapture stop’ would result in minimal loss of life due to the simultaneous upwards flight of the god-fearing local populace.

Most importantly we must remind congress that the belief in the rapture is but one of a several kinds of ‘truth’. The ‘truth’ of the rapture is more like that of Jonah living in the belly of a whale, Noah keeping dinosaurs on the ark or Jesus coming back from the dead and flying up to heaven - in contrast to other ‘truths’ - such as the critical importance of tithing 10% (gross) of your salary to the church. Let’s just say so long as congregants keep up with the second sort we’ll go easy on the former.

In related developments the security implications of the FRPA have been starkly illustrated by the military’s announcement of its intent to equip every foxhole with an atheist.

"Just in case".

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Richard Dawkins - The Genius of Charles Darwin

Dawkins takes aim at creationism

The entire three part series is now available online - HERE

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ronnie Drew, 16 September 1934 – 16 August 2008

One from my youth.
I just read that Ronnie passed away this weekend. He was pretty much synonymous with the Dublin folk scene from the 1960s onwards and this is the song that comes to my mind whenever I hear his name (its probably stuck there as the lyrics scared the bejeesus out of me when I was a child).

Friday, August 15, 2008


Just reading a new report on the bbc about wildlife conservation efforts in the UK when I noticed the following section:

"A series of events on bats look set to be overshadowed by problems affecting the mammals' chances of survival, according to an expert.

Anne Youngman, the Bat Conservation Trust's Scottish officer, said wet weather may have hit the breeding season for a second year running.

Her concerns come ahead of the European Bat Research Symposium in Transylvania."

Now far be it for me to jump to any hasty conclusions or cast aspersions on the conference organizers, the Romanian Bat Protection Society, but seriously, is this really the best location for such a conference?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

God Converts to Atheism

In a rapidly breaking story we are hearing reports that God, the creator of heaven and earth, the all seeing, all knowing, maker of all things, has just announced he has become an atheist.

"Quite frankly its the only logical option" God explained to our reporter, "this question of evil, I mean, like how is that supposed to work?". "I'm supposed to be the source of all things so I have to be the source of evil too, don't I? Since I know everything that happens in the universe, both past and present then its only logical that this means I created some people knowing that they would do evil and end up burning in hell for all eternity tortured by Lucifer."

"Who I also made!"

"Why did I make him? He's been nothing but trouble from the very beginning.
Wouldn't it have made more sense not to put that blasted tree in the garden of Eden with him sitting in the bloody thing? Of course it would! Yet apparently that was the best plan I could think of at the time, and believe me I had long enough to work it out."

"And whats all this nonsense about the Trinity, Noah's Ark and all these silly rules about pork, shellfish and stoning various moral transgressors. For My sake, read the bible, I supposedly killed nearly every single man woman and child on the planet because I was in a bad mood.
Am I really the ideal source of moral wisdom? I don't think so. "

"And what about all the others ? Allah, Visnu, Horus, Zeus and the rest. Isn't there just as much evidence for them as or me? Obviously there are incentives not to worship them but the staff on Earth have been a little slow in implementing them in recent years"

God went on to introduce his new spokesman, George, who has just joined the staff and whose advice prompted God to make his current bold move.
"George's points were crucial in helping me see the error of my previous ways. Its the 21st century now, I shouldn't really be still smiting sinners left right and center, like I really know what I'm doing, and acting as if I'm the paragon of all virtue. Who the hell do I think I am ?
Bill Donahue?"

George has now taken over the important role of speaking to God's representatives on earth.
Mr Carlin, after saying hello to the gathered reporters, announced he'd just sent a few words to Pat Robertson.

Seven, to be precise.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Denyse O'Leary Excommunicated!

Sorry Denyse!

Bad news for Discovery Institute hack Denyse O'Leary.
Apparently the Catholic Church has just brought in a new rule to excommunicate any woman who is ordained a priest.

According to CNN:

"The Vatican announced Thursday in a general decree that it will excommunicate anyone who would attempt to ordain a woman as a priest and the woman herself."

According to the Vatican decree, "the excommunications would take place with immediate effect".

Immediate effect...................?

OK, then lets give it a try!!

Denyse O'Leary, I hereby ordain you into the priesthood!

Arise Father O'Leary, go tend your flock.

And your multiple interlinked websites.

See you in Hell, I guess.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Phil Plait Exposed!

Astronomy for Dummies? I thought he was an expert!!

Nice video Phil, but must you ruin all our illusions too?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dunkin Wingnuts?

Worth the trip?

Congratulations to Dunkin Donuts for bravely standing up to assorted rightwing blowhards who complained about their latest advertisement featuring Rachel Rae in a 'black and white scarf' (has that woman no shame!) - for a total of 24 hours!
Rumor has it they have replaced it with the above right wing blogosphere approved version.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Darwin Exposed!

The Institute of Discovery has today shockingly revealed the one letter Darwinists have tried their utmost to hide.
Its contents reveal once and for all the devastating truth of Ben Steins allegations in Expelled and show for all to see the bankruptcy of Darwinian morality.

Tree of Life Hacked Down!

Another scoop for Sneer Review

Institute of Discovery, Molecular Genetics Division, 2008

Tree of Life
Ever since Darwin included his famous ‘Tree of Life’ picture as the sole illustration in 1859’s ‘On the Origin of Species’ the image of branches of speciation originating from a common ancestor has been perhaps the single most important icon of the entire field of evolutionary science. The concept, devised by Darwin over two decades previously as evidenced by this diagram in his notebook of July, 1837, provided a vital and timely framework for the assembly of the gradually accumulating fossil record into a definitive order.

Darwins first tree of life sketch, 1837

In the absence of empirical data that firmly connected the branches however, much of the order remained speculative. While the subsequent development of radiometric dating methodologies provided some degree of temporal resolution all relationships remained tentative and without firm empirical basis until the advent of the genomic revolution in the latter years of the 20th century when Watson and Crick’s famous discovery of the DNA double helix and the elucidation of the genetic code formed the foundation for the development of the entire field of bioinformatics.

Phylogenetic Analysis

The use of the order of primary sequence of the subunits of biological polymers – DNA, RNA or protein – to determine the evolutionary relationship between different species, termed phylogenetic analysis, was derived from earlier techniques of textual analysis developed to study historical manuscripts. Just as the identification of textual alterations, spelling changes and grammatical errors was utilized to determine the history and relationship between the earliest copies of well known texts, similar approaches applied to biological sequences allowed for the assembly of a ‘tree’ of relationship based on sequence similarity in different species.

While the Intelligent Design approach of prioritizing theological rather than biological evidence has been successful in the mass media, this approach has unfortunately allowed non-theological ‘materialistic science’ based researchers to make bioinformatics an virtual preserve of the Darwinian mindset, with the techniques of phylogenetic analysis being exclusively utilized by researchers firmly based in the pro-evolution camp. As a result every phylogenetic tree published, almost without exception, has annoyingly replicated the relationships deduced from the fossil record.

While not publicly admitting shortcomings in the Intelligent Design argument, privately many of us admit to have gotten weary of our standard tactic when faced with numerous questions regarding nucleotide conservation, pseudogenes, endogenous retroviral sequences and chromosomal rearrangements. Saying “What’s that over there?” while pointing to a spot over the questioners left shoulder - and then quickly running away when he or she turns to look, is, while not without its charm and utility, hardly a long term strategy that inspires the greatest confidence.

Design Molecular Genetics

With that in mind the Institute of Discovery has taken the important step of establishing a division of molecular genetics with the aim of providing a balanced viewpoint for design proponents to utilize in future discussions involving genetic sequences.

The division aims to provide independent empirical evidence regarding evolutionary sequence conservation from a design viewpoint, finally allowing the human genomic sequence to be analysed in its proper context – as a code written by the designer Himself.

After multiple advertisements in bible colleges and theological seminaries throughout the nation unfortunately failed to attract a suitably qualified molecular geneticist for the post of director we instead turned to a collaborative venture with the computer science department of one of the nations most efficient and well-respected information providers – Conservapedia.

Using the ‘infinite number of chimpanzees and infinite number of typewriters’ algorithm, known to be powerful enough to reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare, we were soon able to complete the first design hypothesis phylogenetic tree (although funding being somewhat limited at present the computing power was limited to one afternoon with two homeschoolers with a Windows 2000 workstation).

The Conservapedia Algorithm in action

While all phylogenetic trees, to date, have been constructed using pairwise comparison of DNA, RNA or protein, the crucial breakthrough came with the realization that Darwinist bioinformaticians had been unfairly biasing their results by only comparing individual types of biomolecules to each other, such as DNA to DNA or protein to protein. When DNA is compared to mRNA the phylogeny begins to look very shaky indeed and including protein in the same analysis amazingly brings the whole tree crashing down.

For instance, while Darwinian molecular geneticists claims that human and chimpanzee sequence is up to 98% similar we now show that ‘design phylogenetic analysis’ of human ubiquitin sequence – supposedly the most highly conserved protein, reveals it to be more similar to yeast protein than to chimpanzee DNA!

Design Phylogenetics

This groundbreaking analysis, extended over many branches of the animal and plant kingdom, unsurprisingly reveals no evidence of common descent and finally uncovers the ugly fallacy of the ‘tree of life’ hypothesis.

Design Phylogenetic tree of Ubiquitin

Biblical Genomics
In addition to destroying the tree of life, analysis of human genetic sequence from a design viewpoint has allowed us to make several crucial findings, the most important of which is the ‘biblical genetic code’ – the amazing discovery that messages from the God are encoded within the nucleotide sequence of humans.

Already we have discovered both the first and last words uttered by Jesus (GA-GA and AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGG, respectively), his favourite animal (CAT) and his seating position relative to the right hand of the Lord (AT).

The Establishment Begins to Worry
The Institute of Discovery’s devastating new results, contradicting practically every phylogenetic study of the past forty years, are already sending shockwaves through the Big Science establishment. “Quite frankly, this whole thing is ludicrous” wailed a clearly worried biomedical researcher, currently employed as part of the Human Genome Project. “That’s just not how you do bioinformatics. Don’t they know anything about biology?”
“You cannot just make up stuff like this and claim its just as good as proper science” he said, “either you accept properly conducted scientific enquiry as the only reliable source of empirical evidence or you open the door to all kinds of pseudoscientific nonsense”.

The head of the genome project, Francis Collins, is expected to make a statement later this week after returning from an evangelical service held to mark the Feast of the Ascension, the holy day marking the occasion when Jesus, the son of God, flew bodily up to heaven, forty days after coming back from the dead.