Monday, September 22, 2008

Ooops, he did it again

Who should decide the appropriate curriculum to teach in US classrooms?

Panels of educational experts for each subject in question?

School Boards?


The DI has, perhaps, another suggestion.

Casey Luskin, the brains behind ‘ID The Future’, the hilarious comedy podcast from the Dishonesty Institute, revealed the answer as he yet again strayed from their official public line of not at all being creationists.

On this occasion, during the 12th of September episode, he was interviewing Rodney Levake, a teacher from Minnesota who was transferred away from teaching biology because he had doubts about Darwinism “inside of his head” - according to Casey (although technically speaking this is probably the ideal place to have doubts, they’re really not much use inside your pancreas).

Mr Levake sued his school district for "breach of due process, freedom of speech, academic freedom issues."

The school district filing for a summary judgment, resulting in the judge dismissing the case, although not without almost sending poor Casey into an apoplectic fit by including one particular sentence in his written explanation.

Plaintive in the instant case has no constitutional right to teach his proposed criticisms of evolutionary theory though they may be scientifically meritorious.”

Casey: “Oh my goodness!  So in other words the school district is God.

They determine what will and will not be taught in the classroom as far as your school district was concerned.” 

Quite right Casey.

Educational curriculum decisions must always be taken by the appropriate authority, namely, God.

Any suggestion of the textbook God would prefer? (King James version perchance?)

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