Friday, August 15, 2008


Just reading a new report on the bbc about wildlife conservation efforts in the UK when I noticed the following section:

"A series of events on bats look set to be overshadowed by problems affecting the mammals' chances of survival, according to an expert.

Anne Youngman, the Bat Conservation Trust's Scottish officer, said wet weather may have hit the breeding season for a second year running.

Her concerns come ahead of the European Bat Research Symposium in Transylvania."

Now far be it for me to jump to any hasty conclusions or cast aspersions on the conference organizers, the Romanian Bat Protection Society, but seriously, is this really the best location for such a conference?


Bob O'Hara said...

s that before or after the International Haematology Congress?

Daniel said...

More like Most-Awesome Venue for a Bat Conference.

So yes, it is the best choice.

MartinC said...

I was originally going to title this - in complete comic store guy mode - "Worst. Venue. Ever." I had second thoughts, however, when I read it again and realized, as daniel suggests, there are several ways to look at it.

James F. McGrath said...

My wife is from Transylvania and I've been there many times and never saw a bat, much less a vampire. Bram Stoker never visited Transylvania - he got his description from books. I wonder what city they will hold it in. But at any rate, I'm with Daniel, the connotations Transylvania has for English speakers will only help promote the conference, I suspect.