Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rebecca Watson - Gender Traitor?

"Fuck You Pussy - Rebecca"
Do you ever get depressed that there are people who feel like that’s where our level of discourse should be?
Or do you find it reassuring to know that there are others out there who feel the same and are actively trying to hold people accountable for their behavior?


Miranda Celeste Hale said...

You are made of win, good sir :)

Anonymous said...

Miss Watson is quite the little hypocrite, isn't she? I'll be most delighted to hear how she and PZ Myers femsplain this one...

bluharmony said...

How did I miss this before? Fantastic. What a shameless hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

OMFG...agree with others...HYPOCRITE! PZ will probably blame the guy in the pic..

Anonymous said...

And it's not like this is her only documented instance of hypocrisy ... although I think Myers has her outscored. Add up all the instances by the Watsonistas and Phawrongumob and it approaches infinity.

gator said...

They will simply ignore it.

Anyone ever read the Neal Stephenson book "The Diamond Age?" In it a New Victorians is accused of hypocrisy. His response is simply that at least he *has* morals. Hypocrisy is just part of that.

So when the RW' and PZ's of the world are caught out calling people names, using "sexist" language etc. their response will be "so what?" They know what is "bad" and what is "good", so obviously, when they slip up it is not really that important.

Justicar said...


But it's not sexist; she wrote it in pink - very ladylike and all, you know.

Anonymous said...

What happened to "It works bitches" - that was a brilliant exposure of pure hypocrisy!

But you removed it only hours after posting.


Sigmund said...

I removed it because I decided it wasn't going with the theme of my elevatorgate posts - which is to point out the hypocricy involved but with humor.
Basically it wasn't funny.
If anyone is interested in the topic of the post then just read the following statement from PZ from a couple of days ago

"The whole point is that the mindless, casual acceptance of insults that are insults because they assign feminine qualities to the target is what is offensive. It’s people taking for granted that female attributes are rude and offensive.
I don’t mind being rude and offensive myself, but I don’t find that calling people various versions of “woman” insults the people I’m trying to insult — it just offends half the population of the world"

- and after that click on the following link:

Dave Ricks said...

In that Pharyngula thread, the irony barely begins with PZ Myers writing "after I was done laughing" at "bitches" to insult the people he wants to insult. The real irony begins when a lone dissenter objects:

#22 IHateFundies - Personally, I am sick of hearing the word bitches used in this fashion. The version where it is spelled beotch is less offensive, but only slightly. Too bad you can't find humor without insulting women indirectly.

Now let's replace the name "IHateFundies" with "PZ Myers" and watch how the Pharyngula Horde treats the dissenter:

#25 bitchin' to "PZ Myers" -- oh come on... can't use the word bitch without insulting women... pah. that's just whiney-ass troll bait. bitch is well beyond a gender specific insult these days.

#29 Buffalo Gal to "PZ Myers" -- We've been taking back "bitch" for 30 years. Even the mildest-mannered of us in the early 70s had "Bitch" stickers under our names on the mailbox. Outspoken women, women who take no shit, have been bitches forever. Today, we say, "yeah, I'm a bitch - whatcha gonna do about it?" We gotta thank those who were bitches before it became popu7lar.

#32: Graculus to "PZ Myers" -- From the local alpha female: Quit yer bitching, bitch, or I'll bitch-slap you into next week.

The Pharyngula Horde has spoken: "PZ Myers" is "whiney-ass troll bait".

lee woo said...

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