Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Accomodationist Bingo


articulett said...


windy said...

No SJ Gould?

Pseudonym said...

And just for some equal-opportunity snark New Atheist bingo:

Providing cover
William Lane Craig
Science proves
Not really religion
Belief without evidence
Numerically negligible/shrinking
Word salad
Traditional religion
Fundamentalists take religion more seriously
Alvin Plantinga
Possible without religion
Supernatural creator
Plain meaning
All religion

Drew Smith said...

It's missing a column (bingo needs 5 columns so that you can have a free space in the exact middle...the free space could be labeled "Militant Atheists").

888ladies said...

When this issue is brought to our attention, you have to question - what makes this particular bingo game so exciting? It's fun and it's relevant, based on what's hot at the moment. This one is about Atheist bingo, that one is about spiritual bingo, others are about fun-play bingo - there is no end to the wildly entertaining mix of games you can enjoy with bingo. I love this game. Keep on gaming fans! This is the way forward.