Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Palin criticised for her choice of running mate

In an unexpected turn of events today Sarah Palin came in for heavy criticism from a major religious right organization for her choice of John McCain as running mate for the 2008 presidential race.
“Quite frankly we’re shocked” said Oral Dobson, president of ‘Focus on Everyone Elses Family’.
“While Mrs Palin herself embodies the sort of person we can trust at the reins of government, we are worried by her choice of ultra-liberal Senator John McCain”
“We have recently learned that Senator McCain is in favor of many of the Godless policies uppermost in the mind of all right thinking Americans, namely allowing stem cell research, legalizing homosexuality, and enabling teenage rape victims to terminate the resulting pregnancy.”
“We have also realized that, just as a vote for Obama is a vote for a Muslim in the Christian Whitehouse – due to his biological father being born into that Satanic faith, a vote for McCain isn’t really much of an improvement. His daughter, Bridget McCain, was adopted from Bangladesh! Its practically full of them!”
“We call on Mrs Palin to drop Senator McCain from the presidential ticket before it is too late, or failing that, convince Senator McCain to do the Christian thing and send Bridget home.”

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Karen James said...

Priceless. Thank you for a hearty, gritty laugh on a Tuesday morning.