Sunday, June 19, 2011

Was 'BioLogos' stolen?

Fresh from the shock revelation of religion friendly accomodationist Chris Stedman purloining the word "Faitheist" from the non-religious community, we, at Sneer Review, bring news of another stunning development in the world of faith based branding.
Word reaches us that legal preceedings are about to be launched in the Espoo municipality court in Finland against none other than BioLogos, the organisation founded by current NIH director Francis Collins to promote acceptance of evolution amongst the Christian Evangelical community.

Sources close to the Finnish 'Biologos' institute have informed us that their organization, founded in 1983, recently learned that their title and brand name is being used, without permission, in the US.

"Quite frankly we're shocked", said one representative of the Finnish group.
The original Biologos, located close to Helsinki, is widely known in Finland for the promotion of homeopathy and iridology, the use of iris scanning techniques to diagnose diverse medical problems.
"We, at Biologos, point out the compatibility of homeopathy and conventional medicine is proven by the fact that some physicians believe in homeopathy and that "homeopathic products can also be prescribed alongside the so-called chemical drugs."("Homeopaattisia valmisteita voidaan käyttää myös lääkärin määräämien
kemiallisten lääkkeiden rinnalla ns")

When asked to comment on the upcoming court proceedings a source close to the US based BioLogos legal department told us:

"This case has no merit, we are talking about two different organizations that deal with completely different things.
It's impossible to get them mixed up.
Look, Biologos promotes something with amazing claims yet zero scientific backing.
In fact every competent scientific examination of its claims failed to provide one piece of evidence that could not be explained by simple wishful thinking of the participants - It's just the placebo effect!"

he pointed out, "is completely different.

"We use a capital 'L' in our name."


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