Thursday, May 12, 2011

Conspiracyshop 2


AnnoyingJoe said...

very good. have you seen this one?

yokohamamama said...

HA! Did you photoshop that? Or did somebody else? In any case, it's very good:-))

Sigmund said...

AnnoyingJoe, that Osama-Bert picture is very old. It has been around for years and has even appeared at fundamentalist pro Al-Qaeda rallies (I think it was one of the best quality Bin Laden pictures on the net a few years back so it got printed out for placards by people who didn't know who the puppet was!)
yokohamamama, it was me, just a quick effort at a photoshop joke, like most of my blog posts. I was expecting to see a few more like this just after Bin Laden was killed by some extremists looking to suggest he was still alive so I poe-ed it by doing the standard 'holding a newspaper headline' picture but using the famous "Dewey wins!" picture as the starting point (if it did get picked up as proof of Bin Laden being alive I wanted to provide an easy way to debunk it).