Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Body of Jesus found in Jerusalem

Christian leaders from around the world have been reacting to the news from Jerusalem that the body of Jesus Christ, founder of their religion, has finally been located within a burial chamber in the old part of the city.
Professor Shimon Gibson, the archaeologist who discovered the tomb, said ancient writings and contemporary shrouds from other areas ……… finally provided the physical evidence.

“Frankly he’s shocked” admitted Monsignor Luis Pompelino, the spokesman for his holiness Pope Benedict XVI.
“I suppose it brings a kind of closure to the situation, you know.
We always held out hope that he might still be alive, somewhere, but I guess this puts an end to that.”
Christian Evangelical ministers, however, were quick to point out the possible benefits of todays news.
“Considering what happens in most of these cases it was always a somewhat forlorn hope - particularly after not hearing anything for the first couple of thousand years, explained Oral Haggard, leader of the Bareback Church ministry in Colorado
"Perhaps, once the grieving process is over, we can finally learn to stop obsessing about Jesus and begin to move on with our own lives."

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Anonymous said...

not really a comment but question! How can anyone verify whos body it is that they found?