Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GrrlScientist for Antarctica!

Sedalia teacher Sherry Melby said "I don't think evolution should be associated with our school" as the now famous Smith-Cotton high school 'Brass Band Evolution' T-shirts were confiscated, prayed over, exorcised, forgiven and then burned at the stake.
Problem solved.

Not so fast Sherry.
Aren't you forgetting something?

Scienceblogger Grrlscientist is on a mission.

With your help she will take the last remaining T-shirt far from the grasping claws of Sedalia Assistant Superintendent Brad Pollitt, the cretinous holly roller who struck the match.

Grrlscientist has agreed to hide the last Smith-Cotton T-shirt in the last place Brad Pollit can possibly find it.


When there Grrlscientist will place the T-shirt in one of four places.

1. Supermans Fortress of Solitude

2. In Adrian Veidt's retreat, Karnak.

3. On the largest naturally selected Emperor Penguin she can find

or in the unlikely event she doesn't manage one of the first three options,

4. On herself and subsequently post a picture of this on the internet!

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Bob O'Hara said...

Hopefully the itinerary will include a couple of days at The Mountains of Madness, so she can get a photo of the t-shirt on a shoggoth.

Peter in Dundee said...

I think it would look great on one of those dessicated seal carcasses in the Dry Valleys.