Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scientists discover ’Religious Magisteria’

The secular and religious world was shocked today by the announcement that the Templeton funded interdisciplinary team, charged with answering the most pressing question in the current culture war of science versus religion, has finally discovered the famed ‘Magisteria of Religion’.
“It appears that Stephen Jay Gould was correct after all” exclaimed team leader Ken Collins.
Gould’s model of ‘Non-Overlapping-Magisteria’ or NOMA for short, has long been held up as a solution to the vexed question of demarcating the roles of naturalism and faith. Gould’s model involved the idea that religion and science occupy two separate spheres of influence – or ‘Magisteria’ as Gould termed them.
Problems with the model, however, arose from the definition of the aforementioned ‘Magisteria’. While the ‘Scientific Magisteria’ was rapidly identified and defined as “everything in nature amenable to empirical analysis”, the Religious Magisteria has, until now, remained elusive.
The reason for this mystery is apparent in the newly acquired definition of 'Religious Magisteria'.
‘The Religious Magisteria contains everything not empirically measurable, which does not interact with the Scientific Magisteria at any level’

The announcement of a complete absence of interaction between the two Magisteria, was initially greeted with enthusiasm by many religious scientists - although the reaction was cut short when some awkward implications of this model was pointed out.

In related news the Templeton foundation has today announced their support for an entirely new project, this time in search of the ‘Slightly Overlapping Magisteria’.


Brian said...

Love it. Sneer away Brain. At least that's the name I remember for that rodent you've in your banner. Snarff!

trog69 said...

"Everything else in the entire universe, save for the universe itself, is yours to describe, measure, and wallow in."

Somehow I sense their overlap attempts will encompass "everything" once again, and just nevermind all of this tomfoolery. hehe